Utbildning, undervisning och lärande

Det dök upp en fråga i forskarnätverket researchgate.net som jag valde att svara på. Eftersom svaret uppskattades av många och rekommenderades så har jag valt att presentera fråga och svar här.

Frågan som en forskare ställde löd så här:

What is the difference between education, teaching and learning?

Mitt svar löd så här:

Learning is a process of increasing or reorganizing knowledge (theoretical or practical). It can be both formal and informal. Education is a formal way of organizing learning situations that are based on a system of selected and structured knowledge. Teaching is an intended act to enable learning, usually in a formal context. A guided kind of learning. The intention does not always lead to learning. Teaching can actually make learning more difficult. Note that learning can happen anywhere at anytime. Both within the system of education and outside of it. Learning does not have to involve teaching. You can learn on your own. You can learn from others mistakes. Also note that teaching can involve learning for the teacher. You can both learn more about the subject and about how to teach while you are doing it.

Om du vill läsa fråga och svar på svenska finns den här.

17 Aug 2018